Model Railway Products


Who is behind Fourdees?

This venture is being undertaken by a small team of passionate 009 scale modellers, with expertise and knowledge in the prototype locomotives that graced the narrow gauge railways of the UK.  We also have experienced engineers to advise on the correct form of freelance locomotive designs, ensuring that they would be feasible as full sized locomotives. We undertake thorough research in to producing our models, sourcing where possibly the original manufacturers drawings and archive photographs, to ensure accuracy in our designs.


How many model types will you be introducing?

We ensure that each model is to the right quality before its release.  To achieve this we do not set specific production schedules, which could compromise the quality of the model. 


How long will delivery take?

Where our models are in stock, we aim to deliver within 7 days of order. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.


What locomotives are you going to release?

We are currently developing CAD-work for many classic UK narrow gauge locomotives.  These are assessed and the most promising are placed into the production development queue.  It would be unpractical to discuss the various outlines presently under consideration.  Please check this website for latest news.  But if there are any particular outlines that are of interest to you, please let us know.

Will you be producing any more models of Premier?

Premier was a limited edition model to launch our model works, and as such these will not be repeated. We will consider releasing similar freelance models in future, depending on the success of our catalogue models.


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